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Plays for Fundraising

If you are organising a fundraising event and want a bit of fun, you are welcome to use these scripts. Feel free to "localise" and "personalise" them. They can be performed script-in-hand, performed as if a radio play, or with the full West End treatment - lights, costumes, 60 piece orchestra - it's up to you. All we ask is that you let us know how much you raise and who for - and make a small donation to a charity of our choice.


Complete the night with a quiz, a raffle, auction - whatever.


Curtain Up! Let's have fun!

Fatal Detraction Rick Thomas writer
Fatal Detraction

A Mystery Murdered!  Set in a Doctor's waiting room, this ridiculous tale is stuffed with bad jokes. Invite the audience to guess the murderer, but the play also hides a quiz. Surnames of stars from 5 pop groups are mentioned. Which groups? And which member of the group is not mentioned?


There are 13 speaking parts in the play. A minimum of 7 actors are required.

Murder Mystery Rick Thomas writer
Hound of the Vaudevilles

Totally unoriginal pastiche of quite decent theatre - but a great laugh!


Murder mystery Rick Thomas writer
The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Customers

The action takes place in a quiet, country pub. A death occurs at the end of Act One. There will be plenty of groaning from the audience by the end of Act Two. Join Norma Snockers and the regulars at the bar to solve this silly mystery.


There are eight speaking parts in this play.

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